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Whether you are looking for relaxation, adventure, culture or nature, you will find what you are looking for in Polynesia. You can enjoy white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, lush green mountains, majestic waterfalls, coral reefs, volcanoes, rainforests, archaeological sites, authentic villages, festivals, dances, songs, tattoos, gastronomy, crafts, and much more.

As a Polynesian and tourist expert for more than 15 years, I will accompany you throughout your stay, giving you the benefit of my knowledge, my advice and my good tips. I will help you choose the islands, accommodations, activities, excursions and transport that suit you best. I will also help you discover the secrets and riches of Polynesia, by introducing you to the inhabitants, by introducing you to the language, culture and traditions, by having you participate in workshops, by telling you legends, by showing you unusual places, and making you experience magical moments

Nui David 
Tourism program coordinator
My name is Heimoananui means the crown of the big ocean, everybody call me Nui.  I am Tahitian and a tourist expert specializing in the Polynesian destination for over 15 years. I invite you to discover the wonders of this heavenly destination, through tailor-made stays, adapted to your desires and your budget.